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We at Smart Tutors strive to help your child in every way possible, whether they are in 3rd grade and just starting standardized testing, or in 8th grade and they are on their way to high school. Smart Tutors have a curriculum for each grade level to prepare your child for their common core exam. With online practice tests that they can download from home, homework, and study materials as well as one-on-one tutoring time to ensure they are fully prepared when it comes time to test. Our tutors will also help with school projects and school homework.

All classes are held online through either zoom or skype. They are one-on-one with a specialized tutor.

Our one-on-one session include:

Interactive tutoring sessions: Students are able to ask questions and do work with the tutors to ensure they understand the subject being learned.
Digitalized homework and classwork: Students are able to download classwork, homework and 24/7 practice online
Practice Exams : Students are able to take practice exams online that are similar and have similar questions as the current exams given in schools
Parents updates : Our assigned tutor provides weekly progress update to the parents



SMART Tutors is developed and run by a group of engineers and educators from prestigious universities who are passionate about teaching


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    We take our mission of increasing global access to quality education seriously.

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